Mr. Wendy Bradley  

Assistant Principal
Mr. Vin Hally


Middle School

Mrs Ros Wyatt: 3/4A

Mrs Karyn Thomas: 3/4B

Miss Alanna Besley: 3/4C

Mrs Ailsa Goding: 3/4D


Senior School

Ms Cassandra Pearce: 5/6A

Ms Rebekah Vagg: 5/6B

Ms Emily Azzopardi: 5/6C

Mr Andrew Inglis: 5/6D


Junior School

Ms Fiona McKellar: Prep 00A

Ms Susan Holloway:  Prep 00B

Mrs Louise Meade:  Prep 00C

Ms Shelley Rose: 1/2A

Ms Cassie Van Swol: 1/2B

Ms Jenna Elliott: 1/2C

Ms Emma Wilkinson: 1/2D

Mrs Christie Smith: 1/2E

Specialist Teachers

Will Rankin:  I.T. Computer

Will Rankin:  Physical Education & Sport Coordinator

Pirili Chapman:  Art

Marc Ibrhaim:  Music

Will Rankin:  Swimming (Term 1 Grades 3 – 6)

Letitia Condron:  Instrumental Music Teacher

Barbara Robic:  Instrumental Music Teacher

Mark Ibrhaim:  Instrumental Music Teacher

Education & Administrative Support

Robyn Spargo:  Business Manager 

Angie Lower:  Administration Officer

Bibi Sago:  Occupational Health and Safety

Chris Blundell:  Education Support Officers 

Katrina Plummer:  Education Support Officers

Faye Zappa:  Education Support Officers

Michelle Smith:  Education Support Officers

Jessica Feather:  Education Support Officers

Annmarie Stein:  Education Support Officers




For all Vacancies please refer to the following link: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development