Wonthaggi Primary School

mainbuildingWonthaggi Primary School is located in the town of Wonthaggi, 120 km. south east of Melbourne. Originally a coal mining town, the town is now the centre of a rich dairying, farming and tourist area.

Wonthaggi is the gateway to many marvellous beaches and the Bunurong Marine Park which includes much of the nearby coast and extends one kilometre out to sea. Wonthaggi is the largest town in South West Gippsland and services a large area. It is also the home of the 'State Coal Mine', a unique tourist attraction, where visitors can go underground to view part of the original mine and visit the museum.


Wonthaggi Primary School was established in 1911, to serve the coal mining community. The school has maintained the strong sense of community today which is exemplified in the high level parent support for school programs and activities.

The Wonthaggi Primary School Council, Staff and Community are committed to working together to efficiently provide a high quality, planned learning environment through an integrated curriculum approach. Monitoring of learning outcomes continues through on-going review so that programs may be further refined and resourced as required.

Our school motto "Wonthaggi State is Great" is reflected in a strong sense of ownership by its community. 

Wonthaggi Primary School aims to nurture responsible, confident and caring students who have healthy self-esteem, self discipline and respect for others and their property, whilst contributing positively to society. 

Wonthaggi Primary School aims to develop students who are well rounded and take pride in themselves, their achievement and our school.

To achieve these aims, Wonthaggi Primary School will continue to provide a happy, safe, friendly and stimulating learning and physical environment; where students are able to enjoy this part of their educational journey.

Our school is open to its community and information is easily accessible. It is a place where people feel comfortable and welcome.




At Wonthaggi Primary:

  • We value a warm and caring environment where students develop to the best of their potential academically, socially, physically and emotionally.
  • We value each student and encourage them to develop their confidence, self-esteem and a belief in their own ability to learn.
  • We value parent and community involvement in our school.
  • We value lifelong learners.
  • We respect for ourselves, others, our school and its community